The motivation that fuels my pursuit of coaching and mentoring expertise in Leadership & Communication is simple...



The capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behaviour of someone or something, or the effect itself.

Specifically, the art of ethical influence - self and others.

Self: Creating internal communication strategies (self-talk) that serve and support ongoing growth and achievement (personally and professionally) whilst being true to our Values. Living authentically. 

Others: The ability to apply ethical influence that facilitates the ongoing growth and achievement of those we lead. Enabling them to connect their potential to their opportunities. Living authentically. 

Times have changed


Who we work for, what we do, how we do it... matters.


The impact of our career on our family, health and lifestyle matters. 


The people we lead want to be valued and appreciated as they make a meaningful contribution to the organisation.


More than ever before, a Leader needs to factor in the importance of:




    Working environment


    Growth (personal & professional)





For themselves and their subordinates.

You are a Modern Leader.


A Leadership style that is aligned to values, is important to you. 


You care about Profit, Performance and People.


Even though you have challenges, you're doing well - really well - you want to do even better.

It's time to up-skill and learn how to achieve your goals, whilst caring for and developing your people.


Exemplary Leadership is like Elite Athleticism - it takes...



Performance and


Your Personal Leadership Confidante

Leadership can be a lonely place. Where do you go with your vulnerabilities, doubts, fears, and frustrations? Who can you confide in, confident it wont come back to bite your career in the bottom? Who can you go to when just needing to sound-off and not be judged? Where can you get practical, fresh leadership ideas that you can use as your own (we've all done that!)?


Enter your coach/mentor/trainer (aka 'me'.) 


Coaching/training since 2008, holding senior executive roles since 1990, I bring a blend of practical, hands-on leadership experience and formal coaching and a decade of mentoring to your development and support program. This enables me to share insights, tips, skills and techniques with you -

as you peel back the layers of self that are limiting your momentum and achievements. 

My belief is that growth is a choice, and all growth is, at times, confronting but always empowering. I am fun, fast and (may I say) fabulous! My niche is precisely defined and I've done my 10,000 hours.

No fuss, let's get to the point and tackle the issues head-on, is my style.


Virtual sessions from the comfort of your home/office

Thanks for connecting!

Accreditations/Certifications (TCI/ABNLP/ICF):

Master Practitioner NLP

Executive Coaching

Business Coaching

Life Coaching

Matrix Therapies

Time Line Therapy

Hypnosis (non clinical)

Presentation Skills

Archetypes (Coaching)


GM ANZ OpusXenta (current)

CEO Spartan Pty Ltd

GM The Cranlana Program

GM The Coaching Institute

Master Coach/Consultant/Trainer (est. 2008)​

  • Leadership Coach

  • Executive Coach

  • SME Business Advisor

  • Keynote Speaker

  • Mentor (Private/YSPN/GRiT)

  • Master of Ceremonies

  • 20/20 Coaching Mentor Program