Leadership & Communication Specialist

Position #1: Your current Leadership challenges and road-blocks

The Gap

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Position #2: Your Leadership goals and aspirations

All of the growth and change required, to enable you to have more of the experiences

(in your leadership role / career) that you want, reside in 'The Gap' between the now and the future.

My 6-Step Program explores then fills the 'gap' as I take you from stuck to flowing.

Grow your knowledge about self and others.

Take-on new Leadership & Communication skills and strategies.

Widen your awareness. 

Increase your options.


Being a leader is something that often happens 'to' us. Being an exemplary leader is a choice.

Getting to this point is an obstacle course that demands commitment, passion and training.

Your 'why' needs to be larger than the sum of the parts in order for you to thrive.

If you want a Life-Coach; contact me and I will refer you to the best there is.

If you want a Specialist Leadership/Communications Coach and you are ready to realise your potential... 


My Services


You are an experienced Leader at a senior level in your organisation. You're tired of hitting the same walls. You need an Advanced Leadership tool kit.


Communication is a critical component of your senior role. You're good at it. You're ready for some Advanced Skills and Techniques.


As a senior professional you are accustomed to presenting to meetings and forums. You enjoy it! You're ready to learn some new Skills and Techniques.

Client Feedback

I've wanted to learn public speaking skills for a long time.


I knew there was a craft, a method and for some time I checked out various options, yet none of them hit the mark for me with what I wanted to help me with the learning and growth I needed.


I am so excited I did my training with Helen Treloar. Wow! The content and the delivery was exceptional.


Colleen Lansdell - Evolved Steps


Colleen Lansdell

Evolved Steps Coaching

I was fortunate to be coached and mentored by Helen over a period of 18 months. (Returning to Helen for coaching in 2019.)


Helen is truly a motivating and inspirational person. For me, the coaching experience was incredibly beneficial and professionally and personally life changing. Helen was able to heighten my sense of leadership awareness; not just my leadership, but the potential of others.


Over a relatively short period, I was able to extend myself beyond preconceived boundaries. I gained a new perspective on what leadership really was and every day now, I draw upon my coaching experience. Helen provided me with ‘matter of fact’ guidance and simple insights to seemly complex matters. She consistently challenged me to always look at situations from an alternate perspective in order to work towards positive “win- win –win” solutions.


I was able to work with Helen “one on one”, but feel her real strength to add immense value and deliver fundamental change would be working with leadership groups to deliver a common understanding of human potential within their organisation.

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Alistair Wenn

Senior Principle
Tract Consultant


Helen has helped me to achieve significant professional growth in the year that I have

been working with her.


From our first meeting onwards, she has challenged my thinking and default behaviours, through adept questioning and an ability to help me see things from many different perspectives; this has helped me to unlock new potential and achieve outcomes that would not have otherwise been possible.

Her approach to coaching has been instrumental in effecting change in how I engage with those I work with to achieve the best outcomes, how I lead to realise the fullest potential of my team and how I approach problem solving and the challenges that arise in the day to day corporate environment.

Thank you Helen.


Michael Briggs

Head of Consumer

Sales AGL

Helen Treloar is a master of what she does.

I engaged Helen as my coach, and was continually motivated and enlightened by her ability to cut through to my self-limiting mindsets, and shift them for the better. She is real and willing to share as much as you, in navigating the best way through the many triumphs and trials of being a small business owner, manager and entrepreneur.

I really valued Helen’s ability to work in an agile and responsive fashion, to reach clear goals in every session and give me some tools to walk away with every time. My business sales grew by 30% in the first year of working with Helen, which are conducted predominantly through “1 hour of power” via Skype.

If you are looking to excel in a professional capacity, I can recommend Helen Treloar as a valuable investment. I have also had the pleasure of witnessing Helen lead small group NLP workshops and be a fabulously engaging Master of Ceremonies for a business women’s seminar, which she handled with a mixture of professionalism and authentic warmth.


Amber Daines

Bespoke Communication Expert 

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Helen is perceptive, down-to-earth, and realistic.

Helen cuts through crap like a hot knife through butter. I could not think of a more trustworthy business partner than Helen, and I thoroughly recommend her professional capability.

I would be happy and honoured to accept personal contact as her referee.

All the best, Helen.


Rob Heselev

Executive Partner Gartner

Helen is an experienced and professional Executive Coach.

She is commercially savvy and also a caring and understanding person.

My time with Helen as a leadership coach is one of the most rewarding experiences of my career.


I would highly recommend Helen’s services to people who want to challenge themselves and take their career to the next level.


Steven Leong

CFO Equiem 

Helen helped me transform my leadership at a time where there was enormous market and internal pressures.


Focusing on people and my ability to lead them through the challenges we were facing, I used simple techniques Helen had taught me to both deliver business outcomes but more importantly support and enable those around me.


I'm enormously grateful for Helen's kind and considered approach and feel I'm better at work and at home having worked with Helen!


Sarah Flemmings

Business Manager AGL 

Helen, I looked for the best and found you.

Working with you has been beyond what I thought I could expect from someone who’s the best, it’s been so much more. It’s not just your experience, approach, and ability to solve problems in a heartbeat that have been most valuable to my business, it’s your passion, insight, and more than anything else, your incredible commitment to me and my organisation, the success we strive for and the difference we are committed to continue making.

The path to the next level of my success is clearer, stronger and more rewarding with you on the team.




Lauren DiBartolo

MD Australian Style Institute

'When we know better, we do better.'

-- Maya Angelou